The soul never thinks without a picture


The art of Ebru is meditation, creativity and beauty. The art of Ebru teaches patience, calm and harmony.


Patterns on water affected by simple gestures and movement combine with the stillness of the quiet to relieve stress and open connections with your thoughts and feelings. The art of Ebru is a patient path, connecting the practitioner to the materials and the process in an organic way that is natural, while at the same time filled with unexpected revelations and turns. All the materials used in the process are natural and organic: water, paints, branches of rose, thickener, ox gall, horsehair. Thanks to the close connection with nature, Ebru art connects with the user in a pure and unfiltered manner.


Painting on water will deliver you from the normalcy of everyday life. You become fully immersed in the process, the color, the movement and the moment. Some describe working in Ebru as a kind of artistic yoga, others consider it a meditative process where the artist leads the process as much as the process leads the artist. All would agree that the process and the results are truly unique and intensely gratifying.


The art of Ebru can be found in the consistent and methodical motion, which contributes to the continuous changes in the intricate colors, shades and patterns. Observing and practicing Ebru soothes the mind and soul in a manner similar to the sound of a waterfall, or rain on a windowsill. The art of Ebru is simple, but while easy to learn, can take a lifetime to master. The challenges are never ending and the answers can come from unexpected inspiration. The beauty is as much in the process as in the results. In Ebru, each painting is as unique as a fingerprint.

What should I do when I / am…?

·         Tired – draw or paint flowers,

·         Feel wicked – draw or paint lines

·         Feel hurt – work in 3d, sculpture

·         Bored -  fill space with fields of different colors

·         Sad – draw or paint a rainbow

·         Scared – work with macramé or make appliqués of fabric

·         Feel anxiety – make a doll or origami

·         Outraged – tear the paper into small pieces

·         Want to relax – draw or paint patterns

·         Want to remember something important - draw or paint mazes

·         Displeased – draw or paint a copy of any picture

·         Feel despair – draw or paint roads

·         Want to understand something – draw or paint Mandalas

·         Want to regain strength quickly – draw or paint landscapes

·         Want to understand my feelings – draw or paint a self-portrait

·         Want to remember momentum – draw or paint color spots

·         Want to organize my thoughts – draw or paint honeycombs or squares

·         Want to understand myself and my desires – make a collage

·         Want to concentrate on thoughts – draw or paint with use of dots

·         Want to find the optimal way out of the situation – draw or paint waves and circles

·         Feel that I am "stuck" and must move on – draw or paint spirals

·         Want to focus on the goal – draw or paint grids and targets