Brand: ArtDeco
Product Code: Turpentine ArtDeco, 25 ml
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Ex Tax: 66.12Kč

Turpentine with chemicals or with oil derivatives shall not be used for ebru-making, only natural turpentine must be used. It gives a three dimensional, spherical effect to the colors. It is used to make Ebru with sprinkles or in Battal type of Ebru.

After adding turpentine to Ebru colors, drops sprinkled to vessel scatter if there are small air bubbles inside. The usage of turpentine hides mistakes resulted from dust as it makes effects like dust hole dropping to vessel. It’s necessary to try by adding it in one drop step and be patient to find right proportion. You need to squeeze brush as much as possible before you sprinkle onto the surface, because turpentine produces bigger circled shapes and changes surface image. It looks aesthetic to make small sprinkles on vessel.

For turpentine we recommend to use a pipette to ensure consistent measurement.

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