Ebru Ready Mix Paints

Natural colors are used in making Ebru for centuries, which are obtained from colored rocks, and earth that contains oxidized metals or organic pigment colors that do not dissolve in water.

Process for the preparation of paints a very long and arduous. Preparation of paint until half-ready stage takes about 2 months. More information about Ebru paints, you can read in the article.
Today you can buy, powder pigment, half-ready professional paints and ready to use paint.
Ready to use colors are easy transferable to paper, textile, wood, ceramics and many other surfaces without additional material preparation.
But result sometimes unpredictable, paint might spread on the surface of the water too much and there is no solution to manage this process.
Ebru paints are very liquid in consistency, basically it is colored water. For producing Ebru paints following insoluble pigments are used.
Yellow: Arsenic Sulfide found in nature. 
Blue: Lahore Indigo (bluing). An organic pigment color found in Lahore area of Pakistan. 
Green: Mixture of yellow and blue. If paint has a lot of arsenic, the color is closer to pistachio, if has a lot of bluing color is closer to the emerald.
Ultramarine: A pigment color, also called Badakhshi ultramarine. 
Black: Obtained from chimney soot, that collected manually. For a long time furnace carbon black is used for ink preparation.  It is the hardest color to prepare as it is very poorly absorbs water due to soot, which constantly rises to the surface of the water. Therefore it needs to be for a very long time to mix. To facilitate this process, pine needles are added to the solution.
White: Cerussite - natural form of lead carbonate. 
Red:  Iron oxide pigment obtained from soil reach with iron and from leaves of red cabbage 

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