Brand: ArtDeco
Product Code: 100 layers Resin ArtDeco (120 ml + 60 ml)
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Ex Tax: 190.08Kč

A two component epoxy resin system: resin (120 ml) and hardener (60 ml). With the ArtDeco Resin, you will be able to makes casts, inclusions, coatings or laminates. Can be used on glass, ceramic, metal, silicone, painted wood, and plastic. Transparent and solid, the ArtDeco Resin adds dimension and gloss to flat surfaces
It’s high transparency and strength allows you to obtain a surprising vitreous paste effect.
Use: ideal for lending relief and gloss to flat surfaces: scrapbooking, photos, card making, souvenirs, box lids, badges, furniture decoration, refurbishment of objects, magnifying glass effect on canvas, enamel effect. Flat surfaces: pour resin to mould on postcards, paper, glass, pottery, metal, silicone, painted wood, plastic, non-porous paper
Make sure the work surface is level. In a dry and clean recipient begin by pouring 1 part of hardener followed by 2 parts of Resin. Mix well the two components all the way to the corners of the recipient (an incomplete mixing does not guarantee hardening, mixing too strongly can create the appearance of bubbles). Transfer the mixture into a second recipient and mix again to ensure homogeneity of the resin and optimum hardening. Pour into the surface of your choice Allow to dry for 12-24 hours away from dust. The hardening is progressive and varies with the room temperature.

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