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ArtDeco Spray paint is designed for textile. ArtDeco spray paint is water-based, o
dor free and resistant to sunlight. Paints are made from safe materials and colors are very bright.
ArtDeco offers a wide range of colors, with which you can decorate various fabrics like T-shirts, curtains, bags, blankets, pillows, etc.

Features of fabric spray paint
ArtDeco spray paint designed for light colored fabrics, where synthetics don’t exceed 20% (also suitable for viscose). After drying the paint does not become rigid, this is its main uniqueness. After finishing the work, it is necessary to fix it with iron, then the product can be washed (wash temperature should not exceed 40 degrees).

With this paints you can work in following techniques: stencil print, you can use contour paints, painting with brush, nodular batik and other technique
Step-by-step instruction:
Before you start, place cardboard under the fabric or lay a polyethylene, so the paint does not soak into the bottom layer of the fabric.
Shake the bottle and apply the paint to the fabric at a distance of 10-30 cm. The closer you bring paint to the surface, the thicker the paint will
fall. The upper layer of paint dries quickly, but complete drying 
might occur after 30 minutes up to several hours, depends how thick are paint layers.
After drying, it is necessary to fix your painting by ironing it (through the fabric) approx 5-8 minutes at 150 degrees.
After fixing it, the finished product can be washed in the washing machine (wash temperature should not exceed 40 degrees)
Clean spray head with water after use.

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