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Product Code: Big brush for Ebru, ArtDeco
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Ebru brushes are made with horses' hair and dried rose twigs (stems)

Horse hairs are preferred, because it is thick and straight, so that you can splatter paint in a desired way.
It also prevents bacteria and mold from multiplying and growing.
Rose twigs are flexible and durable. With every strike we make to splatter paint, it bends allowing the paint drop on the surface in a proper way.
However, according to one of legends, reason for the widespread usage of rose twigs stems from the fact that the Ebru master Necmeddin Okyay was a master gardener of roses.
Brushes are bound by fishing line, and without using any kind of adhesive or tapes. With time, the strings of the brushes, which are kept in water, bend and that gives them a nice curve and it becomes easy to control the direction of the drops.

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