Company Lisans Kırtasiye specializes in the production and distribution of office supplies and products for creativity.

ArtDeco brand is a registered trademark of Lisans Kırtasiye. Paints are made at factories in Turkey. Market ready paints Ebru, ArtDeco took first place.

ArtDeco brand has a palette of 13 standard and 3 colors with metallic effect of ready to use paints for Ebru (Marbling). As well ArtDeco producing ready-to-use and concentrated solutions for drawing, powdered thickeners of water and specialized accessories for the ancient art of Ebru (Marbling). Product range and palette of colors is constantly updated.

For company Lisans Kırtasiye  the quality of products is the priority, company continuously conducts research, so their products meet the highest standards and have all the range of necessary clients.

All products manufactured by Lisans Kırtasiye, certified and safe for health. Company Lisans Kırtasiye has special awards for products design

If you are interested in wholesale prices, or if you are interested in other products manufactured under brand names ArtDeco and Fanart, please contact us by e-mail

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Ready Ebru Paint Artdeco (30ml) – Saturated Yellow Color
Odor free paint and very bright color.Each bottle has a dropper, so it's perfect for kids, and the p..
Ready-to-use Ebru solution ArtDeco , 1000 ml
Volume: 1000 mlPackaging: Plastic bottle The solution is ready to use. Pour the solution int..
Set of 4 Round Foam Brushes (13mm, 20mm, 30mm, 50mm)
The working surface of the brush is made of foam rubber (soft elastic porous material). Brush-..
Turpentine ArtDeco, 25 ml
Turpentine with chemicals or with oil derivatives shall not be used for ebru-making, only natural ..