Ebru Art

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5 panel cotton white cap
5 panel cotton cap combines comfort and functionality. Ideal for ebru, textile decoration, embroid..
5th World Ebru Day - Art Catalog
Artworks of 126 Ebru Artists from 34 countries will inspire you to reach new Ebru horizons.+ 30 artw..
6 panel cotton white cap for kids
6 panel cotton cap for kids combines comfort and functionality. Ideal for ebru, textile decorat..
Ebru Art A3 Tray 31x43x6 cm  (zinc-galvanized GS)
Ebru tray is a zinc-galvanized A3 tray for solution (size) with high sides-..
Ebru Art A4 Tray 31x22x6 cm (zinc-galvanized GS)
Ebru tray is a zinc-galvanized A4 tray for solution (size) with high sides-..
Ebru Art Tray 152x42x6 cm (zinc-galvanized GS)
Custom Manufacturing!!! The production period is up to 2-3 weeks...
Ebru Art Tray 51x36x6 cm (zinc-galvanized GS)
Ebru tray is a zinc-galvanized tray for a solution (size) with high sides. Tray..
Ebru glass jars with twist lids 165 ml
Volume: 165 mlLid: Twist Off CapFor painting, storage and mixing Ebru paint..
Ebru glass jars with twist lids 215 ml
Volume: 215 mlLid: Twist Off CapIdeal for Ebru paints (painting, storing and mixing) ..
Ebru glass jars with twist lids 60ml
Volume: 60 ml Lid: Twist Off Cap Ideal for Ebru paints (painting, storage and mixing)..
Ebru Pipette
Use Ebru Pipette for adding the ox gall. Add just a few drops at a time and mix well. When adding ..
Ebru workshop for kids (Ebru on paper) - 90 minutes
Maximum 6 people in 1 group.Duration: 1,5 hour. Suitable for kids 4-15 years old.Ebru is great Art T..
Souvenir magnet I LOVE EBRU (MDF)..