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A set of Ebru Profi is a great original gift! The set includes everything you need to get acquainted with the art of Ebru.
A4 size water tray, paper for drawing and cleaning water, 6 ebru-paints 10ml (red, orange, yellow, blue, emerald, green), thickener powder for 1.5 liters of water (enough for 1 tray which is included), sticks for drawing, comb for patterns, INSTRUCTION.

Briefly about the technology: using a thickener, a drawing solution (1.5 l) is prepared. All solution is poured into the tray. Paints are applied to the surface of the aqueous solution, creating a thin, colorful film. At this stage, we form the desired drawing. When the picture is ready, we put a piece of paper on top of the water - the image is fully imprinted on the sheet. We get the picture, we remove the remnants of paint from the surface of the water with rough paper. You can draw again!
Pour ready solution into the tray, mix it slowly. Please make sure before each drawing, no air bubbles can be seen on the surface. Paints are easy to use and easily transferable to paper, textile, leather, wood, ceramics and many other surfaces. However, when transfer to glossy surfaces like glossy metal, glass or other like surfaces you might need additional treatment for the materials. Before use, mix well and shake a few times.

The paint included in the set is enough to create 30-40 drawings with the correct use of materials. After drawing you can pour thickened water into a jar and put in the refrigerator. It will stay in good condition at least 2 weeks. You can periodically draw on it. If you will plan a long break in creativity, the ready solution should be frozen (in this case, the shelf life is unlimited). After defrosting and bringing to room temperature, you can draw again.
No alum needed!!!

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