Ebru Trays

Specialized Ebru trays are a custom solution for painting with Ebru. The trays are well proportioned to ensure that you have a good angle for removing paper combined with sufficiently high sides to hold enough water without spilling.

Choose from a wide assortment of plastic and metal trays to match your needs.

We have trays to accommodate many different sizes and requirements. 

We also offer trays with illuminated bases and trays made from Plexiglas (clear and frosted). These trays are made to order, so please allow approximately 3 week production time.

Our lighted trays are ideal for workshops, shows, corporate events, even shooting professional video of your Ebru painting. Illuminated trays provide you with bright and even lighting, giving you a crystal clear view of the inks, their layers and the resulting transfer. Working on an illuminated surface makes Ebru an even more interesting process.

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Ebru Art A3 Tray 31x43x6 cm  (zinc-galvanized GS)
Ebru tray is a zinc-galvanized A3 tray for solution (size) with high sides-..
Ebru Art A4 Tray 31x22x6 cm (zinc-galvanized GS)
Ebru tray is a zinc-galvanized A4 tray for solution (size) with high sides-..
Ebru Art Tray 152x42x6 cm (zinc-galvanized GS)
Custom Manufacturing!!! The production period is up to 2-3 weeks...
Ebru Art Tray 51x36x6 cm (zinc-galvanized GS)
Ebru tray is a zinc-galvanized tray for a solution (size) with high sides. Tray..
Ebru Artdeco Tray A4, PVC
Ebru (marbling) tray is a tray for solution with high sides - no water&nbs..
250.00Kč 180.00Kč
Ebru Artdeco Tray, 25x35 cm, metal
Ebru tray is a tray for solution with high sides-no water was po..