Brand: Karin
Product Code: Professional Ebru Paint Karin (105 ml) - Yellow Color
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Ex Tax: 322.31Kč

These professional colors are suitable for more experienced artists.

The consistency of these colors is paste-like.

To prepare these colors for Ebru painting, combine 1 part of well mixed paint-paste and 1-4 parts water (depends what color). Mix it thoroughly in separate glass jar. Be sure to use distilled water for the best results. (Water quality really makes a difference, so use the best available).


Next add the ox gall just a few drops at a time and mix well. When adding ox gall, progress slowly a few drops at a time. You should use a pipette for this to ensure consistency. Each time after you add ox gall, test the color readiness with the help of an Ebru needle tool. With the needle tool, put a drop of the mixed color on the surface of the water and test the paint to see how it spreads.


Repeat adding ox gall until you are satisfied with the results.

We also have odorless ox gall!

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